Our business model has always been that 100% of the proceeds from our sales go directly to the artisans in Cambodia. Today, that’s still true! But as we draw closer to nearly 10 years working in the trafficking prevention industry, we’ve learned that protecting, empowering and educating women holistically requires a tremendous amount of resources — resources that go above and beyond the sales of jewelry. You see, the complexities of poverty, trafficking and the issues facing the developing world are so much bigger. So while our program has been funded entirely by sales up to this point, we want to make partnering with us in intentional, powerful ways...possible!

Our team has carefully assessed the needs for running our program, as well as the dreams to see Landmine Design grow and expand in the coming years; and now — we’re bringing you brand new ways you can invest in the eradication of poverty, prevention of human trafficking, access to education and the overall health of the artisans we so love. We invite you to read through our list of necessities and dreams; and open the door for you to be able to partner with a specific need on a one-time or recurring basis. We’ve broken it down into 4 giving categories: Sustainability, Education, Operation and Emergency. 


Aiding our women in the process of becoming self-sufficient.

Often women who come out of trafficking situations or are trapped in cycles of poverty need careful help and attention as they regain dignity and learn to dream again. At Landmine, we intentionally invest in the women we serve by teaching them handmade skills, giving them access to basic education (both academic and life skills), as well as training them to use the resources they have access to to start their own businesses and supplement their Landmine income as they dream about their futures. 

YOU can join us in teaching self-sufficiency and create cycles of sustainability with us by giving for our artisans to start their own businesses. This looks different for each woman as she decides what to pursue. Your donation could provide… 

  • Provide livestock for a family

    Your donation provides livestock (pigs, chickens, cows, ducks) for a Landmine artisan to raise. This provides food for the family as well as the opportunity to sell at local markets. $25 provides livestock for 1 family.

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  • Provide land for an artisan to raise crops

    Purchase / rent land for a Landmine artisan to farm crops. Giving $100 monthly provides land for 1 artisan.

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  • Contribute to the business loan fund

    These funds are made available to our Landmine artisans in order to invest in specific business ideas that they dream up, plan out and bring to our team. This is an ongoing program, so one-time donations of any amount will be utilized to keep it running.

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We believe wholeheartedly that education is the way to break generational poverty.

At Landmine Design, we employ young girls in order to give them the opportunity to provide income for their families while also supporting them through school all the way to graduation. We also teach basic reading and writing skills to our older, uneducated artisans in order to open opportunities for future employment. YOU can join us in providing education to artisans young and old, breaking cycles of poverty and replacing them with opportunity. 

  • Provide school supplies to a student

    Provide school supplies for one high school student for a year. Cost for 1 student is $75/year.

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  • Provide tuition to a student

    Provide tuition for one high school student for a year! $600/student

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  • Purchase school supplies to an artisan learning to read and write

    Provide supplies (notebooks, writing utensils and workbooks) for our artisans learning to read and write for the first time. $25/artisan.

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  • Sponsor a girl's university education

    Our young artisans are graduating high school and moving on to university. Putting them through college is just $150/mo.

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Running a job creation program for dozens of women in the developing world requires a lot of equipment.

Things like sewing machines, jewelry making supplies, office space and so much more. We invite you to help provide for the very foundation of our program! 

  • Provide a sewing machine or jewelry kit to a new artisan

    Provide a sewing machine or jewelry supply kit for one artisan. $175/machine or kit.

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  • Provide the funds for our office utilities

    Provide the funds for our office utilities for a month. $45 / month.

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  • Provide maintenance for a sewing machine or paper cutter

    Provide machine maintenance on one sewing machine or paper cutter. $20 / machine.

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  • Contribute to travel expenses for our U.S. based team

    Our team travels to Cambodia multiple times each year to spend time with our artisans and produce new collections. Contribute to travel expenses to Cambodia for our U.S. based staff members. Typical airfare is $1500/person.

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When you live in an impoverished community, there is often a lack of basic hygiene or access to medical care…

making you more susceptible to illness without the resources to manage it. There are many times we’ve had emergency medical situations arise with one of our artisans. You can help us create a fund that will provide medicine, doctor visits and even cover the cost of emergency surgery. 

  • Provide care and transportation for women in medical emergencies

    Provide care and transportation for women in medical emergencies. This is an ongoing account readily available when needs arise. Give any amount!

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  • Provide annual dental and medical check ups for an artisan

    Provide yearly medical and dental check ups for a Landmine artisan. $40 / artisan / appointment.

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  • Provide educational resources for trainers

    Provide educational resources for trainers on health and hygiene. $10 / trainer.

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