Our Story

Distinct beauty comes from broken places. 

This is our mantra here at Landmine Design.

Along the Cambodia border is a place formally referred to as the Minefield Village. Here hundreds of families struggle in dire situations, living on undesirable land that was once home to the largest concentrated area of land mines in the world. The realities of extreme poverty and isolation offer women no choice but to travel and search for work in neighboring Thailand. Leaving their families alone and vulnerable, they subject themselves to abuse and the horrors of human trafficking in an effort to merely provide. 

Witnessing this cycle broke our hearts, and watching it continue was simply not an option. We believe that every person— despite the social, economic or geographic situation they were born into— has intrinsic value and deserves the freedom to create, to dream and to thrive. It is here, Landmine Design was born. 

We started by turning paper into purpose — modern jewelry featuring paper beads hand rolled in the minefield. Today we’re growing, and our designs also include handmade textiles. Each is created by an artisan rewriting her story— a woman reclaiming her safety, her worth, her creativity, her dignity. Through your purchase, you have become a part of this story. Your purchase enables the maker to stay with her family, provide for their needs, live in safety, receive an education, and be empowered to dream beyond mere survival. Together we are creating hope in places once scarred and abandoned. Out of a dark and violent history, a village is reclaiming their future. 

From the broken fields of land mines, a distinct beauty is rising.


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