What does 27 million mean to you?

What does 27 million mean to you?

Allow the mind to fathom such a number for just a moment; allow it to bear weight. Now, come to realize these are human lives currently enslaved.
February 27th is Shine A Light On Slavery Day, where a coalition of fighters are joining together to galvanize the masses in efforts of bringing awareness and action to the reality of modern day slavery. We’re proudly coming alongside this movement, to share what’s already been done, and to invite you to join us in simply doing more. In the coming days become educated, become involved, give, and on that final day mark your hand with a red X in saying, enough is enough. 
LandMine Design employs women living on top of a former minefield along the Cambodia-Thailand border, one of the most human trafficked borders on the globe. From 1975 to 1979 Cambodia underwent an unfathomable genocide and today, over half the population is under the age of 25. Unfortunately, its young demographic welcomes danger and inhumane exploitation.  
Lack of employment, education and cross-migration continue to be the largest factors contributing to the corrupt industry of human trafficking. With Cambodia’s great struggle to provide dignified work, cross-migration amongst its young population is further perpetuated heightening all danger.
With no education options are limited. Innocence is stripped. Vulnerability is leveraged.  Slavery is dressed in a costume labeled opportunity.
We are daily reminded:

Prevention is better than cure.

Through education and employment, LandMine Design is directly eliminating contributing factors to corruption and actively intervening in a system and cycle overlooking the dignity of human life.

And this week, we’re sharing the never-before-heard stories behind LandMine Design, and we’re asking for your help. We’re asking that you take action in giving what you can because the reality is: there are many girls left to employ before someone gets to them first.

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