The Power of a Paper Bead

The Power of a Paper Bead

Slavery still exists. Not only does it’s thriving. There are more slaves today than ever before in human history and we have to do something about it. It’s true that not all of us will storm brothels to rescue victims of sex slavery or raid rice farms to free trafficked workers. We may not stand in court rooms prosecuting pimps or walk through the trauma with a recovering victim -- but we do have a part to play in seeing it all come to an end. Seven years ago we found ourselves surrounded by the horrors of human trafficking asking the question, “What is our part to play in the fight against this injustice?” We found the answer in a small paper bead. 

The women of the Minefield Village are some of the strongest we’ve ever known. They have stared into the face of desperation, into the eyes of their hungry, scared children and endured the unthinkable to merely survive. You see, for these women, enduring trafficking was the only way to live; the only way to feed starving bellies and shelter loved ones. If the cycle of poverty is never interrupted, the horrors of trafficking are passed from generation to generation. The only thing to do is create a way out. 

So that’s what we did.

Pouring our hearts into the art of jewelry making and the nitty gritty of job creation, we learned what it would take to employ women in a village with no running water or electricity. We started by taking large pieces of paper, cutting them into thin strips and rolling them into paper beads, each layer representing a part of their lives being redeemed. Each layer whispering their story. These beads were then strung onto dainty pieces of chain that would be adorned around the wrists and necks of women who believed in the power of their purchase. 

Our jewelry is giving women in Cambodia the freedom to choose. It’s giving them the ability to make a dignified income while working safely from home. One woman at a time, one story at a time -- we are preventing human trafficking. 

When you purchase jewelry from Landmine Design, you’re using your resources to fight with us. When you wear jewelry from Landmine Design, you’re echoing the stories of women who have been set free. When you share about Landmine Design, you’re using the power of your influence to change the narrative for so many more. Wear it proud.

One purchase at a time, you are changing the world. 


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