Prevention for The Young Ones

Prevention for The Young Ones

For some Cambodian women, prostitution, begging, or starvation is their only option.

Srey Mom is strikingly beautiful.  Just look at her.  The smile, the dimples, the hair — strikingly beautiful.  Srey Mom is part of our LandMine Design program and is 16 years old.  

Som Poa's eyes have a magnetic pull in which you can get lost.  Just look at her.  The eyes beckon with a depth of richness.  Som Poa is a part of our LandMine Design program and is 15 years old.  
Volek has a gentleness and beauty that flows from her soul.  Just look at her.  Quiet by nature, her gentleness draws you to look closer and see a beauty that is not merely skin deep. Volek is a part of our LandMine Design program and is 17 years old.  
Each time we’re in the village, I’m so thankful to see all of the women in our program.  But, I’m especially thankful to see these teenagers because they are prime targets for ‘recruiters’ looking to expand their work force in sex trafficking.  You see, it is beauties like Srey Mom, Som Poa, and Volek that we work to protect.  It’s these beauties that we feverishly try to prevent from ever facing the horrors of sex trafficking.  
This week, we’re seeking to shine a light on the dark side of our work.  The reality is, there’s a horrific dark side that we battle each and every day in LandMine Design.  We’re asking you to join us in this battle.  Would you donate TODAY to help these beautiful young girls and the young girls who are waiting and hoping for a future without horror?  They are worth it!  

The school aged girls in the program leaving for school after a morning with LandMine Design. Srey Mom is second from the left, Volek stands beside her in the middle, and Som Poa is all the way on the right.

Shop now so young girls at this border have options of hope through prevention.

Prevention is the cure.
- Karla Tillapaugh, Landmine Design Director
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