You play a valuable part in the prevention of human trafficking…

Each woman employed by Landmine Design carries with her a precious story of hope restored. Our artisans live in one of the most trafficked regions on the globe. The extreme poverty and lack of education in their region has created an environment in which they have little to no access to safe employment or education, leaving them vulnerable and at high risk of being trafficked. 

Not only do they suffer from a financial poverty, without education they suffer from an emotional poverty. Many experience unnecessary abuse. Their stories are testimonies of how education restores dignity, and self-worth inspires action. Their stories speak of rising above their circumstance. To dream, and to experience freedom. 

Purchase and wear a Landmine Design product. Not only will it provide work for a woman in need. It will inspire a generation to rise up with hope for freedom. Wear it as a reminder to demonstrate how self-worth and dignified choices CHANGE LIVES (...yes, yours too)!