Inspired by earthy tones and the resilience of nature, this collection is a celebration of strength, tenacity and perseverance.

Trees stand tall in the face of adversity. They weather the changing of the seasons, through storms and heat, wind and rain. And when a tree falls, the wood harvested and used to build something new is called timber.

Timber is a symbol of something new being created. A symbol of resilience in spite of setbacks, barriers or limited resources. It is a symbol of adapting in the face of adversity, trauma and tragedy. A symbol of rising out of circumstance and of building something beautiful. 

Each piece in this collection was created by an artisan woman whose life embodies resilience. A woman who has stood tall in the face of adversity, and is building something new for herself and her family. The Timber Collection is an invitation to overcome, find our inner strength, and rebuild.