A new Dai is dawning...

A new dream has come to life to empower and cover women with hope, instead of despair. 

For the first time ever, we bring you a collection of clothing that wraps us in hope, and reminds us of a woman's inherent value. 

Landmine Design Dai. 

Landmine Design "Dai", or "sew", in Khmer, is a place where skilled and gifted women work to renew hope. They create these beautiful, quality, and ethical designs so you too, can be covered in a reminder of your power to bring hope and change to our world. 

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Liv Kimono
36.00 52.00

The first of the LMD Dai (Sew) Collection ethically sewn and perfected by the newest Landmine Design women.

Liv is a duster-style floor length kimono that flatters simple ensembles with a lightweight and delicate textured fabric. The Liv's clean lines and dramatic draping deliver a modern silhouette with bohemian vibes. 


53" from shoulder seam to hemline

One size only. 

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