Seth Davies


Leather Craftsman

Drawing men into the story and heart of Landmine Design has long been a dream of ours. While we envisioned creating a men's piece, we never anticipated a partnership quite like this one. Seth Davies approached us at a coffee shop we frequent (Two Rivers in Arvada, CO. Go there and drink great coffee). He explained that he works with leather, and would love to partner with us somehow. His heart to see women empowered and lifted out of poverty resonated with ours, and on top of that, he's a talented craftsman. It was an easy yes. Our staff felt energized about the idea of something handmade by Seth protecting something handmade by the women of Landmine Design in Cambodia - just as men desire to protect women. The feeling was electric, and The Fellow was born.

Here are some of Seth's own words. Words that are deep in our hearts:

I feel like men protecting women can mean a lot of different things - not just seeing someone and protecting them from physical harm ... but I think it goes as far as respecting women in so many other areas. From what we choose to spend our time on, what we invest in, where we choose to buy things, and what we choose to look at online. All of these things can promote protecting women and making sure they’re in a safe place.
It sounds weird, and it sounds cheesy sometimes to say hey, if you buy this thing you can change a woman’s life, but seeing this actually happen and seeing these people have jobs, it’s just the coolest thing. It’s so amazing to see these women come out of whatever they were in, and realize that they’re not just a thing and not just a number, and to see that they have a purpose. Hopefully all of you who purchase The Fellow feels as though you’re just as much a part of this dream.

Here’s to you, Seth, Landmine Design’s first Fellow.