Promotional Partnership


Landmine Design offers an opportunity to think differently about promotional products.  

We seek to understand your needs, and are committed to developing and sharing YOUR brand's story.  In order to ensure maximum impact on your marketing investment, we offer the following value added services: 

Potential ad-ons: 

  • personal video filmed in the Minefield Village with messaging tailored for your clients
  • co-branded packaging for your product
  • custom Landmine Design product discount code/card for your clients
  • handmade jewelry items tailored to your brand needs and price range (color, style, etc.)
  • hand sewn and locally sourced jewelry bags 
  • custom designed and co-branded print collateral showcasing your brand partnership
  • promotional coverage highlighting your partnership on the Landmine Design social media accounts
  • one co-produced blog post, highlighting your business and our partnership

In 2016, Vanessa Parish, from Globus Family of Brands approached us with an idea.  Each and every year, Vanessa had a budget to find and purchase promotional products for Globus – we were able to design a more meaningful way for Vanessa to promote her company...