Corporate Partnership

Tired of the same worn out gifts for employees or clients? What if you used those same promotional dollars to purchase something unique -- and end human trafficking at the same time? At Landmine Design, we can help your company or organization make an incredible impact while representing your brand with beautiful products.

In 2012 we turned to paper -- a simple, unassuming resource -- with the hope that jewelry crafted from paper beads could become a sustainable way to equip women with dignified labor. It worked. Women once vulnerable to the horrors of human trafficking are now receiving an education, providing for their families, breaking cycles of poverty and rewriting their stories. And it’s all happening through businesses like yours, intentionally deciding to use the power of their purchase to make a difference.

Our artisans specialize in beautiful, handmade jewelry and textiles that carry with them stories of exploitation and abuse, as well as restored dignity, empowerment and hope for the future. We invite you to become a part of the story with products that change lives. Partnering with us today closes the door to human trafficking and makes way for dignified employment, education and sustainability tomorrow.

Real stories of change from brands just like yours...

In 2016, Vanessa Parish, from Globus Family of Brands approached us with an idea. Each and every year, Vanessa had a budget to find and purchase promotional products for Globus. We were able to design a more meaningful way for Vanessa to promote her company and the impact was incredible. Watch the video below to see the ways your partnership could make a difference.


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