To the Fellows,

At Landmine Design, we employ women living on a former minefield and seek to create self-sustaining opportunities for positive change and influence within their communities and beyond. We are a staff of American women serving Cambodian women and consider it an incredible honor and privilege. We felt there was something missing, however - something necessary in multiplying our successes and lives we can change together.

On this journey, we’ve encountered hearts that innately long to protect and to provide; voices deeply longing to speak out on behalf of women. We’ve encountered a willingness to engage powerfully in a battle against poverty, illiteracy, human trafficking, and hopelessness. A battle we believe can be won. We’ve encountered a heart that we cannot ignore, for it has great power and purpose.

Gentlemen, we’ve encountered your heart.

The action of men play a vital role in the lives of women.  We believe in the very nature of your heart, that you long to do good. We believe you belong in this story and we humbly invite you into it. Our hope is that The Fellowship of 52, one small step forward to change a life, is only the beginning in realizing your incredible ability to protect, nurture, and love the women surrounding you.

Our hearts deeply craved something that was not yet written into the very heart of Landmine Design.

The answer was you, the answer was The Fellow.


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