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Corporate Partnership

What if the promotional products you purchase left an impact for today...and tomorrow?

Distinct beauty comes from places once broken. At Landmine Design, we see it everyday.

Women once victims of human trafficking are now rising out of poverty, fully employed, providing for their families, receiving an education, and finding the freedom to dream. Because businesses -- like your’s -- intentionally decide to use their promotional purchasing power to make a difference, lives are being changed; human trafficking is being prevented; distinct beauty is rising from places once broken.

We invite you to invest in customizable promotional products and become a part of the fight against human slavery.

Landmine Design specializes in handcrafted paper-bead jewelry and hand-sewn textiles. Each piece is made with love and precision by a woman artisan in our job creation program. We offer ready-made products, in addition to customizable options. With your current budget, your promotional products can impact lives on an enormous scale. Women can remain at home with their families, safe from the horrors of human trafficking. You can become a part of the narrative that has the potential to end human trafficking.


In 2016, Vanessa Parish, from Globus Family of Brands approached us with an idea.  Each and every year, Vanessa had a budget to find and purchase promotional products for Globus – we were able to design a more meaningful way for Vanessa to promote her company...