Introducing The Advocate

Our mission here at Landmine Design is and has always been to connect the modern world with the developing world through thoughtful design. To use fashion as a means of preventing human trafficking and breaking cycles of poverty. To use jewelry as a catalyst for hope and healing.

Up until now we’ve focused primarily on women’s design. We are a company run by women, for women. But we also recognize that women aren’t the only ones passionate about trafficking prevention. We recognize that it will take both women and men working together to end trafficking in our day.

And so today we launch a piece just for you, gentlemen. We give you, The Advocate

The Advocate empowers women. 

He champions for her success.

He stands for her right to an education. 

He doesn’t exploit, but rather he recognizes her innate human value.

He protects. He honors her dignity. He cares.

Your purchase of The Advocate helps to rewrite the future of a vulnerable woman. It connects your story to hers, making you a part of the equation to end human trafficking. Making you a part of the solution. Making you an ally. Thank you, for advocating for her. #heforshe