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Prevention is Cure

In a country like Cambodia, where poverty swallows opportunity and dreams, you’re limited and plagued by your ability to simply survive. Opportunity is not something that is handed to you in a place like this. Here you are too poor for an education, and in a place like this education is really your only hope. Lack of education means lack of skill - and lack of skill means lack of work. Lack of work ultimately leads to a lack of money. Are you catching on to the cycle?

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Glue Kids and Hard Realities

He knocked on my truck window as I was preparing to back out of the market area.  His face was a mess of grime; his hands filthy; his clothes torn and soiled. There he stood holding his hand out asking for money.

I knew this kid.  He was part of a group of children our team served dinner to the night before.  The Glue Kids -- children who no longer have a home and instead roam the streets of Poipet, the border town in Cambodia where we have worked for the past 10 years.

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