Prevention is Cure

Women in Cambodia earn an average of 27 cents for every dollar a man makes. Because of this inequality, often their best option is to travel across the third most trafficked border in the world into neighboring Thailand to look for work.

You’ve heard it over and over again this week; prevention is the heartbeat of Landmine Design.

In a country like Cambodia, where poverty swallows opportunity and dreams, you’re limited and plagued by your ability to simply survive. Opportunity is not something that is handed to you in a place like this. Here you are too poor for an education, and in a place like this education is really your only hope. Lack of education means lack of skill - and lack of skill means lack of work. Lack of work ultimately leads to a lack of money. Are you catching on to the cycle? When Landmine Design was born, the impossible happened and opportunity was given to uneducated women who were merely surviving. We created a program that provides consistent income, community, education, and empowerment. We’re preventing both sex and labor trafficking so the next generation has a story to tell that isn’t tainted with the horrors of it. Many of the women in our program are married with children and carry the mantle of the primary breadwinner in their family.

Before Landmine Design came into the picture many of our ladies were forced to cross the border into neighboring Thailand to work on farms. More often than not, they would be hired by farmers who promised pay that she would never see. Day after day, week after week, they labored tirelessly at a job that never produced an income. These women kept showing up. Why? Well, what would you do? Being a woman in America who has access to an education has the potential to numb you to the reality that your sisters around the world have a much different story to tell- but it doesn’t have to. You have the opportunity to equip her with the resources to write a new future. Would you join us in the fight to #EndIt?

By Kirsten Coryell, Creative Director