In it to End It

Last week, we galvanized individuals to care about something that's at the core of who we are as an organization. Then we asked you to act . You read our stories, you gave, and hearts broke- and for that we thank you. We thank you for your bravery in engaging with this battle, for allowing yourself to experience the sadness, and to let it affect you in a way that produces change.

Last Friday was Shine A Light on Human Slavery Day when hundreds of thousands gathered to make the world aware that human slavery still exists, that something MUST be done, that a red ‘X’ on our hands was a way to provoke questions and to educate in the ways we can. While awareness is the first step, and therefore critically important, the reality is it is not the end. It is the beginning. We have just begun.

We ask that you continue to educate yourself. Educate yourself on the signs of trafficking, and its prevalence in America as well as around the world. is a great resource for facts about trafficking, and they have the same heart we do - to see human slavery end for good. When we're educated, we can be effective advocates for freedom worldwide.

The LandMine Design staff in Cambodia (2015)

The LandMine Design staff in Cambodia (2015)

We're in it to end it.Be an ethical consumer. Become aware of the countries producing the items you purchase.  Spend time making yourself aware of their production processes, the work environment, and the level of care placed on the well being of these employees. If you’re unsure – ask for the answers and challenge the companies. At Landmine Design, we’re ecstatic for the opportunity to share the ways in which our products are produced. Ask for the answers, support the worthy, and let’s end slavery through modern consumerism.

Be vocal about your new level of education concerning slavery and unethical production processes. Shining a light on human slavery should never be confined to one day a year, let’s allow it to be a lifestyle in which we’re vowing to step into. Let's vow to be vocal advocates - demanding answers and action daily.

And let us pray, pray for the end. Let us pray for the end of the ways in which lives are ruined, and vulnerable people are stripped of their rights. Let us pray for the end of inhumane practices, and the destruction of the evil that is human slavery.

Thank you for reading, for allowing your heart to break, for walking with us, for hearing our stories – and most of all, thank you for being aware. This is only the beginning of a long journey fighting, but we're fighting together.

We're in it to end it.