Why Pigs & Glamour are Colliding in the Workplace

I'm not sure I've ever thought about the words glamour and pigs in the same sentence.  But, these two extremes seem to be colliding in our world at Landmine Design.  

Glamour (noun) – The attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing or special

As an organization, we often share the incredible stories God is doing to expand His Kingdom, including the war against human trafficking.  We write, speak, share videos, and draft social media posts that look dramatic, risky, raw, and harsh.  From the outside looking in, these things can also seem glamorous.  Not that the world of poverty or human trafficking is glamorous; but when we share about the battle, sometimes it has that effect –one of glamour.   

And that glamour draws people.  I mean, who doesn’t want to help in this war?  Who doesn't want to cheer for those fighting this battle?  Who doesn’t want to somehow be part of the war against such hideousness?   

If I’m honest, being in this battle is hard work.  And it is often spent laboring behind the screen of a computer (writing newsletters and posts, like this), in meetings making decisions that have long-lasting (and sometimes negative) effects, or at a table counting pieces of jewelry.  I hardly consider the work as glamorous.

Landmine Design's job creation program seeks to keep women from the horrors of human trafficking.  We offer jobs, skills development, evangelism, Christian discipleship, budgeting and savings classes, and health and hygiene training. 

And as of this week, we also offer pigs. 

Yes, you read that right, the not-so-glamorous world of PIGS!  You see, we want to empower ladies in our program.  We not only strive to provide an income and all the things listed above; we also desire to help promote other avenues for income.  And right now that means helping our ladies buy piglets. 

Having just had dinner at Panera last night, I can testify that for the price of two meals, we can purchase a baby piglet in Cambodia.  We’re able to then offer that piglet for purchase at a reduced rate for any of our Landmine Design artisans.  

Pigs In Cambodia 3

In development work, we believe it’s important for the precious people we work with to have some skin in the game.  Instead of outright gifting things like piglets, we want to partner with our ladies so they have the opportunity to buy a piglet from us.  Do we need the small amount they give to buy it?  No.  We don’t.  But, it’s not about us.  Our women need to not just receive gifts; they need to learn to invest.  They need the opportunity to be empowered with dignity.   And so, we offer piglets for purchase at half the market price. 

We now are in the world of buying and selling piglets so our ladies can purchase them and then raise them to bring to market.  Our hope is they will choose to use the money earned from the sale of that pig to purchase two or three more piglets.  And as the cycle continues, hopefully, our ladies develop a profitable business buying and selling pigs. 


You see, running a job creation program not only includes training ladies on making beautiful jewelry so they can earn an income to provide for their families; it also includes dreaming up ways to empower their futures. 

The prevention of human trafficking is in itself special, but there is no 'glamour' to the work.  It’s tedious, messy, frustrating, and sometimes involves pigs! The place where the glamour and the work collide is where we find ourselves more driven than ever. It's where compassion takes the form of not-so-glamorous work that changes lives, prevents human trafficking, empowers families to rise above poverty and to live in truth.   

So, I invite you to jump into the glamour with us!  Buy a beautiful bracelet, necklace or pair of earrings. Wear it to join in the glamorous and no-so-glamourous work of preventing human slavery. 

Written By: Karla Tillapaugh