Witnessing Her Story Story Changed my Life, Now I Wear It

Lee proudly showcases the handmade jewelry she lovingly creates in order to stay at home to work and provide for her family. 

Lee proudly showcases the handmade jewelry she lovingly creates in order to stay at home to work and provide for her family. 

In 2017, I witnessed more injustice around me than ever before. I traveled through Europe, Africa, and Asia and saw the darkness that is human trafficking.

I saw men check women out of a bar for the night (or a few hours), the way you check out a book from the library for some time and then return it.

I saw children sell goods on the street in order to bring money back to their family. Often times the children were under the influence of forced drugs or substances that made a “sale” more likely.

Now, back in the States, I remember what I’ve seen and though it’s not seemingly evident on a daily basis I now know it exists and is happening this very moment.

It is happening here in the united States and it is happening in the Minefield Village, in Poipet, Cambodia; the place where our beloved job creation program, Landmine Design, has risen to prevent such evil.

This past September I witnessed the work of Landmine Design by the artisan women employed there. I sat among them as they diligently worked to create jewelry and continue to provide for their families. You see happiness written beautifully over their faces and shine through their eyes. Their delightfully contagious smiles are rooted in steadfast strength – they are so full of light and life!

It was truly inspiring to witness this brilliant radiance within a country so heavily clouded by trafficking. Over the past year and a half, I’ve witnessed many women caught in this horrendous reality and can say now to see women brought into the light of prevention is truly one of the most encouraging sights.

Observing these women rise above what their circumstances say they’re capable of sent me home from my trip with a new hope. It sent me home with the deep conviction that education and empowerment breathe life, courage, and deeply rooted hope.

You see, prevention is the cure. If we prevent evil from happening, it will no longer exist. Yes, right now slavery is real and present. Yes, we need organizations fighting for it to cease. but at the end of the day, preventing the root cause will CURE it fully.

Lee and one of her three little girls. 

Lee and one of her three little girls. 

I #WearHerStory to remember this experience. Every day when I #WearHerStory I am reminded of why I joined the movement to End Slavery – you can do this too! It’s simple; when you buy a piece of jewelry and #WearHerStory, your purchase directly impacts our Cambodian artisan’s safety and livelihood. Every day, when you pick up that bracelet or necklace, remember the power of what you’re wearing on your body. This power of prevention WILL change lives.

Remember, when you made that purchase, you decided to take a stand, empower prevention, and fight to END IT.

Written By: Zoe Torres, Lightbridge International Sponsorship Co-ordinator



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