Walking away from Fast Fashion

Passionate shoe blogger Jessica Lauren reviewed our Fall 2017 Collection and made a choice to start walking away from fast fashion. 

"When I pulled out this necklace, I was obviously in awe. However, I noticed there was a small photo still inside the bag. Once I pulled it out I realized this was the woman who created this masterpiece that I get to wear in order to help myself feel beautiful. There are so many hands that touch the products we wear and sometimes that is a little terrifying. But by including the face of the creator of this piece, I feel as though I don't only represent Landmine Design, but also the woman who put her hard work into this necklace. Someone who works every day to earn that income and earn her education. It truly becomes inspiring and meaningful and gives fashion a whole new meaning. " 
"I feel like sometimes we take our fashion industry for granted. We purchase the cheapest trends because the price is right. But have you ever thought of researching who is making your clothes?"

Read Jessica Lauren's full review  on our latest collection titled Grit, and consider her challenge to respond to the fast fashion industry with purchasing ethical fashion accessories.