Promote your Business with Global Impact

In 2016, Vanessa Parish, from Globus Family of Brands approached Landmine Design with an idea. Each and every year, Vanessa had a budget to find and purchase promotional products for Globus.  The products were what you typically think of; coffee mugs, sticky notes, key chains, etc.  After seeing jewelry from Landmine Design and learning about the incredible things happening, Vanessa began to think outside the typical promotional realm and asked if we could help.  What resulted in our conversations was an amazing order for Landmine Design of 20,000 bracelets placed by Vanessa at Globus Family of Brands.  

The impact of this order was monumental for the ladies in Landmine Design.  This one order gave us the opportunity to promote all 12 employees in Cambodia to full-time pay -- FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR!  To say it was remarkable would be a massive understatement!  What had been a pretty normal purchase of promotional products each year, became an opportunity to provide for families at great risk of human trafficking.  The Globus order changed the game for the women in Landmine Design.  Because of this order, all of our women are able to remain at home with their children, earn an income to provide for their families, and even have a little extra to save for a rainy day.  

You see, Vanessa was going to spend money on promotional products for Globus.  She did so every year.  But last year, she had a budget we were able to work with, and an idea that has marked a community of women — living on a minefield in Cambodia -- in profound and life-changing ways.  Globus (and Vanessa), we salute you!  You are our heroes!  Oh, and this year, Globus placed another order resulting in adding three more women into our program.  Today, 15 women are employed full time in that little village!  Again, we salute you, Globus!  

Perhaps you are with a company that purchases promotional items.  If so, we’d love the opportunity to talk with you and partner to impact even more lives at great risk in Cambodia. Your purchase, even for promotional products, matters!  Drop us a note.  We’d love to talk!