3 Young Girls Living in Minefield



It was almost two years ago...

that I first visited the Minefield Village in war torn Cambodia.  My heart was already starting to care about these dear people before I’d even met them.  I had learned so much about their country and the suffering they had and continue to endure. I was excited beyond measure to meet them and couldn’t even hold the tears back when our van slowly traveled the dirt road into their village.  The children literally ran to our van, freely giving hugs and jumping into our arms, accepting our embraces and love without reservation.

My focus was joyfully wrapped up in the young children the first few days in the village.  My hand was never empty as one little girl or boy held on as if they just couldn’t soak up every ounce of love in the time we could be there with them.  I hardly looked at the older children or the women in the village.  I hardly considered their lives and how difficult it must be to grow into adulthood under these harsh circumstances.

Then came the fourth day in the village that turned my heart in a direction of caring I had never anticipated.  I walked into the tiny, stuffy, steaming hot building where the LandMine Design women were meeting to fellowship, sing, laugh, and work together making beautiful beads and jewelry.  I was overcome with emotion - joy, heartache, tears, and an overwhelming feeling of love and acceptance by these precious Cambodian women.