So What Are You Doing to End It?

As the director for LandMine Design, that question frequently rears its ugly head in the corners of my thinking. It’s a good question even if it yields answers that I may not like very much.  

And so this question has, once again, gnawed at me as we come to the completion of the End It Movement Campaign. For the past several weeks, we have been posting stories about our work in preventing human slavery. We have been so honored to tell the stories, to give a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the running of this program, and to share the joys and sorrows in this work. Thank you for taking the time to read the posts. Truly, thank you.  

If you’re like me, you’ve probably noticed many posts today on social media displaying prominent, large red X’s on the hands of people from all walks of life. Maybe you have one on your hand today. I have one on mine. 

But the question that keeps ringing in my ears is: So What?

What purpose does it serve for us to tell the stories of LandMine Design this past month? What end is achieved by so many people proudly wearing large red X’s on their hands? Don’t get me wrong, I love sharing the amazing stories in our program. I also enjoy telling people why I have a red X on my hand. I love helping to spread the word about human slavery and the collaboration, through End It Movement, to raise awareness about this horrible reality. But, if that’s really all this is, then we have failed. You see, with all my heart, I believe that awareness is NOT enough. It’s a great place to begin, but if that’s the only place it takes you and I, it is indeed NOT enough.  

Awareness is only a small parcel of the effort to see human trafficking in our world end. For this horrific reality to become a thing of the past requires movement, choices, effort, hard work, finances, commitment, and at least ten other things I didn’t list here. It requires that we DO something, not simply be aware.  

So today, as we wrap up the End It Campaign, I am boldly asking you:

What are you DOING to end it? 

If the extent of your participation lies in reading stories and marking a red X on your hand, you have only scratched the surface of a monstrous problem. If our generation wants to see radical shifts in the landscape of human trafficking, we must DO more. We must choose to act and to act with boldness.  

So, what are some ways to be involved? I’m going to list some here, but there are many others as well:  

*  PLEDGE -- Support crucial legislation aimed at seeing a measurable 50% reduction in slavery over the next seven years by sending emails to your representatives.  Find easy steps to do here. 

*  SHOP — Choose to purchase products that support and provide options for men, women, and children at risk of human trafficking.  Of course, we believe a great place to shop is right here with LandMine Design.  Be a part of preventing slavery by empowering #onemorewoman to be employed from the middle of a minefield.  

*  GIVE  — Become an active participant with your gifts to see human slavery prevented. There are many organizations working tirelessly to eradicate human slavery, including LandMine Design. Decide to act yourself. Give! Give generously and give often. The war against this enemy won’t be won by inaction.  

I’ll close with a quote that has become a mantra for me:

“Silence in the face of evil is evil itself: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

- Deitrich Bonhoeffer

These truths ignite a fire in me and force me to ask the question of ‘So What?'.  I hope it forces the same in you. I challenge you to join us in MOVING! Being in this battle means that we take chances, make decisions and MOVE. Awareness is not enough. This war requires action from all of us. I hope you’ll enter the war with us as we work tirelessly to see it come to an end in our lifetime. We can’t do it without you.

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- Karla Tillapaugh, Landmine Design Director