For the One Who Has It All

We all have that person in our lives. Let's be honest, around the holidays, this person unintentionally stresses us out every year. It's the person we don't know what to get for Christmas because in our eyes, they already have everything, and nothing we could get them would be good enough!  

This person is special to us, so we rack our brains for ideas, google search "what do get the person who has everything," and basically go crazy trying to come up with the perfect gift.  

This holiday season we have been encouraging you, our customers, to consider very carefully the origin of the products you purchase. What's behind that product? Who made it? Is there a greater significance to this product than you ever considered?  

What if the product you purchased for the person who seemingly "has it all" made an impact on the person who created it? What if knowing and sharing that story is something that person would value and treasure because giving back feels like one of the best gifts ever?

Gift your friends this holiday season with jewelry from LandMine Design.  Behind this product is a story we know your friends will fall in love with. As they wear this gift proudly, women in our program are putting food on the table for their children. They're sending their children to school. And ultimately, they're thriving because of a purchase you made.  

Here's to uncomplicated gift giving this year that everyone will love and impacts the world around us!