Two Worlds

Christmas in Cambodia, is there really a such thing?  

It's so interesting for our staff to consider Christmas in Cambodia, among the women we love and are deeply invested in. You see, Christmas in America for most people comes from the celebration of the birth of Christ. We've all heard the story of a baby born in a manger many, many year's ago and whether or not that's still why families in our culture celebrate Christmas, those are the true roots of Christmas.

In Cambodia, the religious history is much different. The belief system and worldview of many have historical roots in Buddhism that don't include a Christmas story like we know it. Their holidays look much different from ours, and yet, whenever the Christmas season rolls around, I often think of the women in the LandMine Design program.

I imagine what it would be like to see a small Christmas tree wrapped in lights and garland in one of their small bamboo huts with dirt floors. What would that be like? Did that family decorate their tree together? Do the kids want to sleep under the tree like I did when I was a kid?

One of the most beautiful parts of the work we do, the work you so kindly and generously join us in, is that we get to share our lives with people who grew up and live much differently than we do. We find this to be one of the most enriching parts of our work. We share with them who we are, what we believe and the traditions that surround us. The women in the program do the same. We love hearing them talk about the holidays they celebrate and how they celebrate them; how pay day at LandMine Design is really important during certain months because they need to buy a new dress for an upcoming celebration!

This year as you consider an intentional pursuit of conscious buying, we encourage you to share your life with someone as well; like the women in Cambodia share with us and how we reciprocate that to form a bond and friendship that goes beyond our differences. Sharing who you really are and allowing someone to share with you who they really are could be one of the greatest gifts you give and receive this holiday season.

Gift a LandMine Design necklace or bracelet, and this Christmas, let it be a celebration of a bond that cross's the barriers of differences and distance between us.