It's Never too Late

We all have excuses for not doing the things we thought we'd do by now. We have reasons, some of us even good reasons for not accomplishing the goals and dreams we used to have in front of us. And then there's the reality that probably most of us don't have a good reason at all, just an excuse.

I've recently been pondering the crippling thoughts:

It's just too late. – I should've done that already. – That window of time has come and gone. –There's no use now.

One of the latest women hired at  LandMine Design was most excited about the possibility of learning to read and write.  A grown woman with several children and years behind her.  This was her dream. 

The war and poverty in her life have kept her from ever being able to have the basic ability to read and write.  I have to wonder how many times she must have wondered, "It's too late now."  I wonder if she had already let go of that dream, not ever seeing how it could possibly be a reality for her? Even months before she was hired, among raising children and keeping up a household, did she think what many of us do, "that ship had sailed"...?

Today, we challenge you to consider, whether for understandable reasons like this woman or because of silly excuses, to revisit the time you said, "It's just too late."  What was that thing you were going to do?  What was it that you dreamed of and wanted to accomplish?  Ponder with us.  Revisit that moment and make a decision today to see it through. Make a decision to finish what you started, even if your starting point was just a thought. 

Chances are, it's not too late.