Five Steps to Creating More

Happy October! As a creative, I'm always looking for ways to produce better work and further develop my self discipline. Any opportunity to turn a new leaf is usually something I'm about.  So in spirit of a new month - let's do things better. I sat down to share five things I've learned through the years. I hope it's helpful and I'd love to hear yours - I'm a "team work to make the dream work" kinda gal. Let's chat and create more! Post your comments below.




1. Ponder this: What is it you’re doing when you lose track of time? 

Someone once asked me this question and my answer led me straight to the things that make my heart beat fast.  The things that are, by my definition, distinctively me. Answer this question for yourself and write it down. 

2. Stop gettin' ready to get ready…

This is a saying my dad raised me on. It means start where you are with what you have and stop waiting for the perfect circumstances (they don’t exist). Someone wise once told me “writers are not writers because they’re writers, they’re writers because they write.” The same goes for your trade, just begin. After all - we learn to swim in the pool. 

3. Discipline is your friend.

Turn thoughts into actions and actions into habits. You’re not going to progress if you don’t first begin, and then begin again. Make a plan, write it down, tell a friend, and write your passions into your days. Wallah!

4. Find Your Fuel. And then fill your days with it. 

I buy vintage jewelry because it’s pretty, I don’t usually wear it. While some may argue this is excess or far from necessity, I know my creative fuel lies in beauty surrounding me and people with passion - so I constantly seek ways to build it into my days. Identify your fuel and then take steps to implement it into your days - whether a good book, a favorite album, a tumblr scroll, or a mantra you hang on your wall. It can be so simple.  

5. Go Public. 

When you’re confident enough to bring your work to the public, seek feedback and find ways to make it better. While the work is personal, don’t make it so as you seek response. Take what you love, leave what  you hate, and make sure it’s still stamped with your individual, creative mark. The world needs what you’ve got to offer, and I’m guessing it’s beautiful.