A Conscious Christmas

We survived Halloween, we’ve put away the masks, and we now turn our attention to what’s next - the holiday season.

I love the holiday season, I am no scrooge and have never minded some early Christmas music playing through the speakers. I do struggle, however, living in the juxtaposition I often feel this time of year — the gratitude of the Thanksgiving season coupled with the often insane consumption that follows as Christmas approaches.  It can be difficult, right? I want to celebrate the many blessings in my life, I want to show the ones I love just what they mean to me, and I want to be merry and festive - but never at the expense of my beliefs. 

You see, at Landmine Design, we don’t believe in more, more, more.

We see the global issue of poverty first hand in the children we love, in the women we humbly serve, and in the utter lack of resource available for their success in a minefield. These families have never even had near enough, while generally speaking we, as Americans, are so great at consuming more. We consume, we indulge, and sometimes this may unintentionally come at the expense of someone's well being.

This holiday season, what if we committed to a conscious Christmas? What if we committed to asking the hard questions, what would the impact be? 

I think it would look like individuals receiving gifts possessing rich story, companies of profound integrity generating profits for good, and all of us turning a new leaf saying “hey, we can shop and gift better.”

If you’re in, it can be this easy:

  1. Commit to a conscious Christmas

  2. Ask the questions: Who made it, where does my money go, what are the success stories?

  3. Gift story in your purchases, change lives in unmistakable ways. 

Of course, we hope you’ll consider gifting with jewelry from LandMine Design this Christmas season and you probably have gift needs beyond jewelry.  If you’d like some help, reach out! We’d love to share our favorite companies to support and lead you in the right direction and in the meantime, peruse the products we love deeply: