To Build is To Believe | Building Opportunity for Education

When you enter a rural village to bring hope and combat the cycle of poverty, facing the unknown becomes the norm. While there are “best practices” for community development initiatives, every region is different and every outcome may very well vary. I don’t claim to know everything, none of us on staff do, but we commit to doing our best and leaning in deeply to the issues in order to bring forth solutions. We face risk, we experience failure, and in unforgettable moments we encounter great success.

In these last few weeks, we’ve been flooded with updates on the new LandMine Design Headquarters building going up within The MineField Village. With deep gratitude for the incredible donor who provided the funds for this building, this will be the largest building to have ever been built in the village. The size is substantial, the risk is real. Aside from the financial undertaking of such an endeavor, we’re taking up land and resources, we’re putting a stake in the ground as a means of saying “we’re here until the fight against poverty is won.” Once completed, the building will function as the foundation for the education, employment, and opportunity we dream of multiplying throughout Cambodia. The dreaming led to building, the building must lead to execution. Execution comes with risk, hard work, resilience, and faith for the reality of our collective dreams at Landmine Design. The building is the beginning, the exciting and sometimes daunting foundation that is arming women to be dangerous agents against the cycle of poverty.

This week, we're raising funds to build another school within The MineField Village to house fourth and fifth grade because the reality is, an education through third grade is just not good enough. We’re determined to lean deeply into the lives and futures of the children of this village.

To build a school is, much like Landmine Design Headquarters, an ambitious undertaking. It will take finances, resources, teachers, curriculum development, space, and utter commitment from countless. And it comes with the question of “why only fifth grade?”  While we do not claim to know how to bring forth a formal education system overnight or move an entire village to prosperity in a short five years, we do know how to take one additional step forward with every passing day. To build fourth and fifth grade is our next step, our next commitment to leaning in deeply and better understanding the ways in which we may counter the cycle of poverty these children are living within. We believe fourth and fifth grade is the next, promising step towards bringing forth the hope we dream about for the precious lives of this village.

To build is to believe. Whether in a minefield for vulnerable women with no alternative options for work or to provide a fourth and fifth grade for the growing children of the village, to build is to believe.

LandMine Design is building a headquarters because we believe our collective dream to employ, educate, and raise up countless women may be a reality. We build because we believe. We are also raising funds to build a school to educate children so they may be dangerous agents combating the poverty they were hopelessly born into.  We’re setting out to build because we believe.

We’re asking you to donate now if you believe in building if you believe in equipping children for a brighter tomorrow to combat the message they’ve been living in that tomorrow is void of hope.

How do we bring forth a contagion of hope to a nation if we do not possess it ourselves? We’re undeniably hopeful for the future of education in The MineField Village, we believe in its ability to challenge the cycle of poverty and we’re choosing to build.