Prevention is Cure

In a country like Cambodia, where poverty swallows opportunity and dreams, you’re limited and plagued by your ability to simply survive. Opportunity is not something that is handed to you in a place like this. Here you are too poor for an education, and in a place like this education is really your only hope. Lack of education means lack of skill - and lack of skill means lack of work. Lack of work ultimately leads to a lack of money. Are you catching on to the cycle?

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Glue Kids and Hard Realities

He knocked on my truck window as I was preparing to back out of the market area.  His face was a mess of grime; his hands filthy; his clothes torn and soiled. There he stood holding his hand out asking for money.

I knew this kid.  He was part of a group of children our team served dinner to the night before.  The Glue Kids -- children who no longer have a home and instead roam the streets of Poipet, the border town in Cambodia where we have worked for the past 10 years.

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Introducing The Advocate

Our mission here at Landmine Design is and has always been to connect the modern world with the developing world through thoughtful design. Up until now we’ve focused primarily on women’s products. But we also recognize that women aren’t the only ones passionate about trafficking prevention. We recognize that it will take both women and men working together to end trafficking in our day. And so today we launch a piece just for you, gentlemen. We give you, The Advocate. 

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