Te lives very close to our LightBridge School in the MineField Village. She began in the LandMine Design jewelry program as one of the very first creators, in 2012.  Her husband is the Principal for the LightBridge School. They both work very hard. A typical day for Te begins with waking early to wash dishes and clean their hut.  She feeds the chickens, and then makes jewelry for a few hours before she prepares food for the next meal. All Te’s children are grown and work in Thailand because they can earn more money there than in Cambodia. Te and her husband have a small library in their hut, which consists of a bookcase full of books that they allow villagers to check out. They have a covered garden where vegetables are planted. Recently she and her husband made the decision to adopt a baby boy (pictured to the right). Te has a compassionate heart for those vulnerable and in need. She is a fiery and spunky woman. She works hard and gets things done while being very warm and loving.