The Team


Co-Founder + Director

Having lived in three different continents so far, Karla has grown to love cultures and people from across the globe. With a degree in Organizational Management from Colorado Christian University, Karla resides in Westminster, Colorado with her husband and three kids (two of whom are already grown up!).  As a family, they love traveling around the world, but especially to the MineField Village where they spend each summer loving on children, serving, and helping with the development of this precious place.


Co-Founder + Program Developer

Adopted from India when she was three years old, Amreitha's life as an orphan changed forever when she moved to the loving adoptive home of her parents and became a farm girl from Kansas. Amreitha has a zest for life, a spunk, and a pursuing heart for people that others can't help but be drawn to. Amreitha has keen abilities as a visionary and helps give framework and function to LandMine Design serving as our Program Developer. She has a passionate heart for the desperate needs of others, especially in poverty stricken areas of the world. When not working, you can find Amreitha enjoying cultural events with her adventure-seeking husband; they both adore living life to the fullest.


Creative Manager

Originally from Montana, Kristie’s small-town roots eventually manifested themselves into a deep yearning for the experiences and lessons only a global city could provide. Kristie spent time living in New York City and London studying business and pursuing work in the high fashion industry before returning to Colorado where she co-founded a jewelry line with her sister, ultimately leading her to her work with LandMine Design where she now manages the design, production, and creative direction. When not working, you’ll find Kristie running to the mountains to snowboard and hike, photographing, thrifting, or attending creative and local events within the Denver community.


Involvement/Fulfillment Director

As the most tenderhearted of our Landmine Design team, Janie is easily the sweetest member. Whether she's listening to a villager's story or talking with a dear friend, Janie cares intensely, experiences life deeply, and has an endless supply of profound compassion. She first fell in love with the ladies of Landmine Design during a mission trip in 2015 when she travelled to Cambodia with a team. She sensed then the desire to be a part of this work, seeing changes in the lives of these incredible women. To our great delight, Janie joined the Landmine Design team in January 2016. It is with women and children in need that Janie's passion stirs and her heart of compassion reveals itself the most acutely. A native to Colorado, Janie lives in Golden, Colorado with her husband and three children. When not working, Janie loves to camp, hike, travel, and spend time with her close-knit family.