Just 17 years old, Phun is responsible to provide for herself and her family. Prior to her formal employment with Landmine Design, Phun would attend classes and help anywhere she could in the program. She became a part of the Landmine Design family seamlessly and is easy to adore; if it's not her glowing presence, it's her delicate and generous heart. She was hired in June of 2016 and we learned after hiring her that her family had plans to send her to Thailand if she did not find work before September. She has been working in a safe and dignified manner for months now and is able to support herself, her family, and attend school full-time. Through stories like Phun's, we're breaking the very cycles of poverty that have crippled a nation for many years. Through access to education and safe employment, Phun is visibly building her future and that of generations to come.