B L O O M   W I T H


the ability to do something that frightens; strength in the face of pain or grief: she called on all her courage to face the ordeal.


Courage surfaced early in young Volek, who once faced a lonely battle of survival in the Minefield Village after being abandoned by divorced parents on the hunt for income in Thailand. Strength surfaced in the place of fear as she sought encouragement from a group of women working for LandMine Design. Volek quickly proved her dedication and proficiency, and was soon accepted as a full time employee. Now, Volek's fierce dedication allows her to provide for her “adopted” extended family with full time employment, while continuing her education. 

Volek demonstrates a bold courage to our staff as well as each of our makers, especially those younger than her.  She consistently choses to stare down poverty, abandonment, and even opposition as she faces the challenge of working and studying full time. She dares to dream of continuing her education, of becoming a doctor, and of bringing a medical clinic to the Village.  This humble determination showcases a heart overflowing with courage and leaves us watching in awe.


Volek may live in one of the most impoverished parts of the world, where young women don’t envision a future of possibility, but she refuses to be a victim of fearful circumstance. Instead, she chooses to employ her heart to courageously dream of a future with endless possibility and a future free of poverty.

Wear Volek's story as an inspiration to bloom with a heart overflowing with courage to dream.



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