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Human Trafficking prevention through safe education and employment for Cambodian women.


From paper to purpose.


Landmine Design is a catalyst for life and an advocate for who people are designed to be. Our belief in human design is inspired by the love of our ultimate Designer, Jesus. 


1975 - 1979


Under the rule of the Khmer Rouge from 1975-1979, over 2.4 million Cambodians suffered a devastating genocide. The land was sabotaged by landmines planted in abundance; those that survived were left desperate and traumatized.




Director, Karla Tillapaugh, was led into the country in 2009 to the place we today affectionately refer to as The Minefield Village. Situated within the 450 mile border of Thailand and Cambodia, the village is located in what was once the most concentrated area of landmines in the world. Today, the area contends as one of the most human trafficked borders on the globe. This village is where we work to restore lives and hope. It’s where over 500 families desperately squatted on land no one wanted, but today can call home.

Our hearts broke as we witnessed the realities of human trafficking and cycles of poverty. It is here we discovered the root of the problem in uneducated young women and mothers who had no choice but to leave their homes to work in neighboring Thailand. Abandoning their children for months at a time, these vulnerable women would subject themselves to abuse, human trafficking, and desperation without family stability. Women needed real possibilities, economic opportunity, and education at home in the village. We dreamt of catalyzing hope for their future and future generations. It was in this boldness that Landmine Design was born. 


The Beginning

Six women joined us by rolling beads from paper in an abandoned hut. Today, we employ 15 women who meet at our headquarter facility in The Minefield Village to receive an education as well as earn a full-time wage working from the safety of their own homes. 



Breaking the Cycle

There’s a new contagion of hope that exists in The Minefield Village. Land that was once scarred and abandoned is now sprouting life. Lives once forsaken and desperate are now filled with hope. Hopeless minds have been freed to dream of what’s possible. 

Landmine Design is a catalyst for life and an advocate for who people are designed to be. Our belief in human design is inspired by the love of our ultimate Designer, Jesus Christ. 



Connecting the modern world with the developing world through thoughtful design in order to catalyze change for humanity in need.


we VALuE

Bold Faith   –  God Honoring Excellence  –  Life Giving Integrity



So that we may properly value and develop individuals.


Your Impact

Landmine Design customers are change makers on a global scale.

Global change is happening because consumers like you are choosing to be those making it possible.  Where once there were scars, beauty is rising. Where human trafficking erodes, a new path towards life is emerging through education and employment.  

Change is happening because people like you care; because you're choosing to advocate for those in need through your purchasing power.

Your purchase directly impacts lives designed for more. Your purchase is the gateway to opportunity